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Do you want to live a healthy life? Of course you do! One of the most important steps you can take towards this goal is maintaining good oral health. Strong teeth that are healthy will serve you for a lifetime, which means that you won’t have to worry about things like losing them due to inattention or letting symptoms go on for too long before going in to see a dentist. Visiting our office regularly for cleanings and treatment is known as preventative dentistry, and it’s a good option for anyone who would like to keep their smile as strong and natural as possible.

Below are some of the preventive services that our practice offers.

What is preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry works to keep your teeth healthy – full stop. Don’t let your oral health fall by the wayside and allowing things like cavities or even gum disease to develop before visiting us and seeking treatment. Preventative dentistry seeks to keep your teeth in a state where these kind of corrective procedures are simply not necessary because any potential issues have been caught earlier enough to take care of.

Why should I opt for a preventative dental treatment plan?

Let’s look at this another way. If you had two choices from which to select, and your options were to wait until you had a heart attack and then undergo therapy and rehabilitation, or to simply not have a heart attack at all, which option would you select? Most of us would opt for the second option because we understand that preventing a heart attack is much better than attempting to recover from one. This same idea can be applied to your teeth. Instead of reading up about aftercare instructions to prepare yourself for tooth extraction or even implant surgery, why not just work to make sure you never have to have a tooth extracted to begin with?

Preventative dental care is the best option because it allows you to maintain your oral health and avoid costly and painful procedures.

How can I engage in preventative dental care?

The great thing about preventative dental care is that all you have to do is visit us regularly and take care of your teeth. Brush them and floss them daily, and make sure that you see us as often as possible for thorough cleanings. If you experience any strange symptoms or developments, call us for an appointment to see what is going on. When your oral health is good, the great thing about new developments is that you catch them as soon as they begin to develop. This means that we can diagnose and begin treating whatever is going on in its earliest stages. Compare that to someone who has been avoiding a dentist for years and just lives with the increasing pain in their teeth, and you can see just how much of a boon preventative care can be.

If you would like to get started on your preventative care journey, give us a call today at (509) 525-9111 and schedule an evaluation! We can’t wait to help you achieve – and maintain – the best oral health possible.
(509) 525-9111

2014 S. Howard St., #102, Walla Walla, WA 99362

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