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With a dental bridge, we can restore missing teeth, improving your bite, and helping you have a healthier mouth. In dentistry, we place bridges as a fixed appliance in your mouth, restoring the structure and function of your teeth after the loss of one or more teeth. Non-removable, bridges becomes a permanent part of your smile. Our team at Enhanced Dental Care, under the direction of Dr. Gantz, can customize your bridge offering various materials to fit your unique needs. We will evaluate your bite, and review your needs to create a bridge that will work for you.

Traditional Dental Bridge

The most common dental bridge, or traditional bridge, is made of metal and porcelain. With it, we can replace a missing tooth and improve your oral health, missing teeth can cause a variety of other problems that can then require extensive and expensive repair.

A bridge consists of two porcelain crowns that are fused to metal, these crowns are placed over two anchors. The anchors can be any combination of healthy teeth or dental implants. Properly anchored, the bridge supports a false tooth between. This set up fills the gap that was created from a missing tooth, improving your bite, stopping the possibility of teeth shifting, and even assisting in the strength of your bone.

Why should I get a dental bridge?

Patients may inquire about a fixed bridge for the following reasons:
•  To restore the look of their smile.
•  To improve their ability to chew food.
•  To improve their speech.
•  To help slow the loss of bone, which can occur rapidly after the loss of a tooth.
•  To prevent the sunken appearance that comes with missing teeth.
•  To prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place and adjusting their bite.
•  As an upgrade from partial dentures that are held in place with clasps.

The Dental Bridge Process

The creation of your dental bridge will take at least two dental appointments. The necessary appointments may increase depending on other dental health treatments needed beforehand. The first step will be to prepare the anchor teeth to receive the crowns which is part of the bridge system. We will need to permanently alter the two anchor teeth, reducing them in size to fit the crowns. Once the enamel has been removed, we will then be ready to create a mold of the area. This will help the dental lab create the piece taking the grooves and valleys of the teeth that are needed into consideration.

A temporary bridge can be worn while waiting for the permanent replacement to be fabricated at a dental lab. It generally takes about two weeks to receive the new dental appliance. Once we have your new bridge, we will then remove the temporary, cleanse the area and cement your permanent bridge. While placing, we will check the bridge for proper bite and fit. Dr. Gantz can make adjustments as needed.

Daily Care for my dental bridge

Dental bridges are highly durable. They can withstand normal chewing pressure and with proper care, this appliance should last you several years. However, even normal wear will eventually require replacement. We ask that you are diligent in your oral hygiene checkups and dental exams so that Dr. Gantz can check the status of your device. Daily care will involve the regular brushing and flossing of your bridge as you normally do as part of your daily routine.
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2014 S. Howard St., #102, Walla Walla, WA 99362

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